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Broken shell case


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I have a major problem withy lee enfield. I went shooting a couple of weeks ago and after about 5 rounds i fired the rifle and it didn't sound right and when i opened the bolt the case had seperated i got the bottom quater of an inch of the case came out the rest is stuck in the chamber. Ok i have tried a bore brush and patch and a ordered a broken shell extractor and it didnt work at the moment the stripped reciever is in my father in laws chest freezer trying to see if the cold will contract the chamber so the case will come.out but if that doesnt work anyone got any ideas ?

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I got the case out..... after it came out of the freezer i tried the broken case extractor i sat the reciver in the sun for a couple of hours that didnt work so i put a jag with a cleaning patch over it and then i  got some chemical metal and put a small amount at a time in the broken case and stuffed it in with an old cleaning rod and left it to set and tapped it out with a hammer.

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