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How many Taurus Judge owners?


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Range report.

Fiocchi 45 colt 250gr hits where it is aimed, since these are for cowboy action the recoil is pretty manageable.

Winchester PDX1 a bit high but still in the paper plate, the 3 disc they have were within a 2" group a tad stout on the recoil. 

Winchester Rifled Slug Hollow points hey what can you say about a slug moving at 1830 fps, I thought this would be the worse recoil, but it was milder than the PDX. This is one I want to play with more.

AA #9 shot of 7 yards big pattern not much recoil.

Had some #6 shot by Gamebore which are 65mm in length and made in the UK, however they wouldn't go into the cylinder they are about 2-3mm longer than the American made shells. Guess I'll find someone with a 3" chambered .410 and give them to them.

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I have one, a blued 6 incher with the 2.5" chamber. I have a shoulder rig for it, it is actually quite comfortable and concealable. Only problem I had was when I tried small diameter shot shells, #7's, I got a face full of shot that bounced off the target frame at 7 yards. The shot spreads very quickly due to the rifled barrel.....  I only load it with OO buck and .45 lc. I really like the looks of the new ones with the polymer frames..... :grin:

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