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this is interesting!


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This rifle (?) has been around for several years.  There are reviews on the internet.  Most of what I recall is that this 22LR weapon is OK but not great and the drum magazine,  while pretty,  does or at least did, not work very well,  if I am remembering correctly. 

The original Russian SMG was an excellent weapon.  It should have been copied by the US,  perhaps modified slightly because of better ammo (better gun powders than in 1941) and made the prime jungle weapon in the Vietnam era.  In combat in Korea,  the Chinese armed with the then current version of the PPS-41 had superior firepower and US troops with M1's suffered the consequences.  The Russian SMG used a 30 caliber pistol round that had a working range of perhaps 150 yards or more.  An excellent cartridge.  I do not remember very well,  it has been a long time since I read about it.  A high rate of fire and a respectable reach for most combat.

The Ruger 10-22 I fixed up in "Cheap Mods" in this forum has its sling on the side of the rifle/stock partly because of the influence of the PPS-41.

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I own one and it's a reliable, reasonably accurate rifle.

But as Dusty44 stated the drum magazine didn't work worth crap.

The distributor traded out the 50 round drum magazine for two 30 round stick magazines which work just fine.

I've read that BDM is making a polymer drum mag for this rifle that works as advertised, although I have no first hand experience.

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