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S&W Bodygard 380

George Wood

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Hi everyone, I have been off the grid for a while but did not  forget about you. I have a quick question if I may: My wife and I both carry Sig P232 380's. She used to carry hers in her purse but she says it is getting too heavy for her and is now looking to replace it with a S&W Bodyguard 380. The Bodyguard looks like a sweet little gun but I have heard nothing about it. Can anyone offer advice/experience with this gun?

As always thanks for your expert advise.

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As a dealer I've handled many S&W BG 380s but have never fired one.

They appear very well made and we have never received a single complaint concerning one we've sold.

Size wise they're on a par with the other micro 380s prevalent on the market these days.

My only gripe, if you could call it that, is the laser on/off button. I'd much prefer a pressure switch on the grip, but the click switch S&W uses works just fine.

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HERE is an in-depth review of the Bodyguard 380 & 38. Note the comments on the .380's recoil. I had (for a short time) a Ruger LCP. It was a dream to carry, very small and light, but it was nearly painful to shoot, don't think I ever shot more than 50 rounds through it. Since I didn't practice, I couldn't hit squat with it. I tried several of the micro .380's, and settled on the Sig P-238 and the Taurus TCP. I also have a Walther PK-380, and while it is a bit larger in size, it is without a doubt the softest shooting 380 on the market, and very easy to rack the slide.
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Kel Tec P3AT is pretty light, but it can also be painful to shoot. I carry mine regularly. I shoot a box of 50 when I take it to the range ever couple of months but I wear a glove with padding between the thumb and index finger. At 10 yards I can keep it on a paper plate most of the time. After 10 yard with a .380 running might be a better choice. BTW the trigger sucks!

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