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Rem700 SPS Varmit


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Uncle Sam was good enough to return some of the money I loaned him last year so I was able to rescue my newest pet from my favorite LGS.

Remington 700 SPS Varmint 308  :sniper:

So far I've ordered a Millett 4-16 x 50 scope and rings.

I'm trying to make up my mind on which stock/chassis to get. The 2 options I'm weighing are the MDT LLS chassis which accepts AR style grips, adjustable stocks and AI detachable mags. http://mdttac.com/lss-chassis-remington-700.html

Or the Promag Archangel precision stock which isnt as versitile but includes a 10rnd detachable mag.http://promagindustries.com/remington/400-archangel-precision-stock-for-the-remington-700.html

From what I've read sofar the Promag is a pretty solid unit but will require some cleanup of the molding seams from production.

The Promag says it uses a "proprietary magazine" but from some of the reviews I've seen, it appears that std. M1a-M14 mags will work which is a big plus if true due to the price difference between M1a mags and AI mags ($20 vs $70)

Whichever way I end up going I'm gonna spray 'em with Alumahyde II, possibly in a camo pattern.

I'll put up some pics as I go.

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Well I went ahead and purchased the Archangel Precision Stock for the Rem700.

After a test fit of the stock to the barreled action, I noticed the barrel isn't centered in the channel. This was an issue that others had discussed in reviews I've read. I found that the area of the recoil lug was where the bind was coming from so I removed a bit of material from the stock on the left side of the recoil lug area. I have bedded the stock with JB weld from the tang at the rear of the action up about 1" beyond the recoil lug. This was my 1st attempt at bedding so hopefully I did everything correctly.(Thanx Youtube) The stock came with an aluminum bedding block so the platform should be pretty stable.  Gonna wait til Monday after work to remove the barreled action from the stock.

I wanted to take some before and after pics but forgot to take the before shots.

The stock was designed with an integrated bipod which received alot of complaints from others and seems pretty flimsy to me so I plan on filling in the area and attaching a regular bipod via swivel stud or possibly pic rail.

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Well I finally got the new remmy all dressed and ready for some range time. After a bit of massaging to the recoil lug area and a bedding job the barreled action sits pretty well squared to the stock and barrel channel. This was my first bedding job and I could have done a better job prepping the areas where the bedding compound (JB weld) was thinnest. The JB weld broke out around the ejection port and a couple other spots around the edges of the action. Is seams to be pretty solid around the recoil lug and bedding block so should be OK. If not I'm not afraid to sandblast the stock and do it over. (Just dont wanna if I dont need to)

After the bedding I gave the stock 4 medium coats of Alumahyde II. I let air dry for a week then got impatient and built a hot box and baked it for 2 more days @ about 120F. I reassembled it Sunday night and tool some pics.

Gotta say I like the FDE (coyote tan alumahyde) and black together.

I was planning to fill the area of the stock that held the integrated folding bi-pod but decided to leave it for now and see how it holds up.

I found during reassembly that the magazine doesnt release from the stock very smoothly because it has some sharp edges on the front seam where the metal was spot welded so I'm gonna smooth it out with an abrasive disc and re-blue it.







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