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I have had Colt Umarex M4 for several years and found that most AR accessories, or furniture will work.

All the Mil Spec sized aftermarket butt stocks will fit.  I used a CAA brand. The Fake gas block front sight can be removed real easily with a pin punch.

The Barrel nut is exactly the same as on my Ar15, But aluminum. Use a good armorers wrench. I pulled my flash hider and installed a barrel thread adapter for future suppressor use.

I used a Midwest industries Gen 2  hand guard, super light and slender. I bought the 10 inch model. - http://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_ID=450 Pick your size fellas. the guard comes with its own barrel nut and wrench adapter.

        Midwest has a lot of interesting stuff.

What is nice is that it free floats the barrel, and lets you put any sight arrangement you want on it.

Me I saved using a Sightmark Holo sight with laser and a 5X slide to side magnifier for the sight. Talk about a blast.

1 note though. I found that if you shop around a bit you can save a few bucks. Amazon and Fleabay are good starting points. Just googling what you are looking for sometimes turns up better prices, but watch out for the shipping! sometimes that is where people make their money.

I heard someone say the AR platform is tinkertoys for big boys?  build it how you want it. :grin: Be safe and have FUN!


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The barrel nut confused me, but apparently the M4 Ops version of the Colt that came with an OEM free-float rail has a different barrel nut. Instead of a nut that looks similar to a standard AR nut, it is threaded on the inside and outside for the quad OEM rail.

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