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LaserLyte Trainer


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I picked up a LaserLyte Trainer. It comes with its own pistol which is plastic with a working trigger, the insert for the barrel will work in it or any real handgun, with a snap cap in the chamber. The laser is active by the vibration of the trigger tripping. The reactive target makes you work on fundamentals because it is only 2.5" x 2.5". It enhances dry fire a lot.

I've been using it today in the 3.5" 1911 I carry. Any pistol you can manually cock the hammer on is easy to train with.

Haven't tried it with a striker-fired or internal trigger yet, I guess I'll have to rack the slide each time for those.

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I didn't want to pee on your parade when I read your first post but now I will say. A buddy of mine who teaches a Florida concealed weapon class bought two of these lasers with the electronic targets for use in his classes.

The lasers break on a regular basis and are sent back for replacement, which the manufacturer does happily.  My friend has to pay shipping both ways.

His have not been reliable.

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