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Intonation question


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So I bought this used guitar, seemed like a good deal, but I cannot get the intonation set. I have had many guitars, but never this problem. If I get the intonation set, some of the lower strings buzz on the lower frets. If I increase the bridge height to get rid of the buzz, the intonation is off again. About ready to try a new nut.

Any words of wisdom from you guitar experts?


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Of course the intonation will be off if you raise the string height, reintonate after raising the string. If you don't like the high strings then you need to add relief to the neck. Before you replace the nut add some graphite to the slots and see where the string sits. String should not be buried in the nut if it is you can still save the nut using talcum powder and super glue. Use very little and do this before adding graphite. If the string is less than halfway into the nut you may have to file it out a little. Make little hacksaws using car feeler gauges for the correct gauge. Make small adjustments at any one time especially on the truss rod. Give it time to set. Use a new set of strings before you start doing all of this. Hope this helps.

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