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not a 22 but...


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It's not a 22 but working a deal that just might make me a owner of a Nikko 7000 Golden Eagle chambered in 375 H&H, gun looks hardly fired and the wood is almost perfect with very miner flaws, should know if I can put it together by the end of the week!

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Thanks Guys! My first attempt to make this deal work has fallen flat, but basically I have until Friday to pull a rabbit out of a hat so to speak (or just whip out the credit card and deal with it later) but I have not given up hope and am working on other possibilities!

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Thinking I might hunt some paper, water jugs, cement block, real heavy steel gongs....and might try to bag a few elusive bowling balls!

The Gun is gorgeous and it peaked my interest in the store, after doing some home work on line and finding out it was 30 plus years old...I was hooked. Tried for a week to talk myself out of it!....guess you can see how that worked out!

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