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Bricks, Found Bricks on a shelf!


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While Chasing a motorcycle part, I see a banner sign in front of a unit in a industrial complex area, Place turned out to be a high end  tactical supply, locked front door kinda place, class 3 stuff lots of AR, Accuracy International stuff...any way, walk in and they had 3-4 different types of bricks available on the shelf, with a one brick limit, about 10.00 per brick high in price. But no lines, no crowds, no fights in front of the shelf!!! this store is about to become my dirty little secret!

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. 103 after tax for the Fiocchi sub sonics. the Standard, High Velocity and the bulk pack CCI's went up from there. but...two trips through the door, two bricks out the door.

tried to do a 100 yard group test on a few brands last week, not sure the rifle I was using (or myself) were really up for the task, but will be doing more testing in the coming weeks with the new Savage.

  My personal little range is getting grown over and until it gets cut a bailed, getting a little hard to see my target!  There is a local range about a 10 minute drive from the house that is now doing a Wednesday happy hour between 5-7:00 pm for 10.00 bucks. Checked them out for the first time last week.

Could become a weekly thing! Nice little rifle range, 10 lanes, 100 yards, Side walls, open top with target camaras and monitors in each lane.

Could become a weekely thing!

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