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New Rifle Range opens


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A long awaited new rifle range has opened its doors. It has covered shooting benches and for now it has a pistol range and a 22 range and it has a center fire range for 100 yards and 200 yards and they are going to build a 300-600 yard range in the next 3 months. Iam going to be head  out to shoot there monday.I cant wait as the last range I shot at had plastic tables sat in the sun with no shade and the range was in a pit and was only 200 yards maxium but you couldn't shoot 200 yards prone as there was a lump in the ground that hid the target so you had to shoot from a picnic table. Also the rest room was a portapotty. The new range has a store with restrooms and has air conditioned facility's there ill post some photos when I go bit I havnt had a decent rifle range to shoot at for about 2 years. The range will cost $16 a day to shoot at but I cant wait as its going to better than baking in the sun in a pit with a plastic picnic table to shoot from.

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