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where did everyone go


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Its quite in here. I havnt seen any new posts for a while come on guys where has the banter gone ? Smurf how you doing bud ? Drew you ok up north ? TM I would like to say thank you for the brass you sent me. Hey rodent did you finally go blind from all those bad photos ? Wobblinwheel how you doing bud.  Madhouse hows your day been? eeyore hows your savage mkII coming along ?


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Diving in, Savage has yet to see any new parts, been busy with some different development work hoping to expand on a product line that is showing a few signs of life (race car parts and such) but...I have managed a few trips out shooting, The savage gave me my first ever sub MOA 5 shot group at 100 yards.

  Hoping to get the heavy duty bottom metal plates cut soon, will see.

  Did get to shoot a small bore silhouette match last weekend, two rounds, 13/60 first round, 12/60 second round. long way to go to be any good but it was my first goal to break 10!

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