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Ruger 77/22


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Hi, anybody have any experience with Ruger's 77/22? Saw a used one yesterday, stainless all weather with the boat paddle stock with green inserts. the asking price was 500.00 not really something I need, but have been considering a tapered barrel bolt action 22 for the silhouettes for the hunter class (didn't know the bull barrel on my savage would not be legal) and my 10/22 requires a deflector so I am not ejecting on the guy next to me!


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I've owned two, both blued and walnut.

They were very smooth and attractive rifles that inspired a high degree of ownership pride.

They were good, reliable, accurate field rifles with the best magazine system for a bolt 22.

The triggers were average at best though and required reworking. I used Volquartsen parts.

I've been thinking of getting another one recently.

I believe you can get just as much accuracy for half the money if appearance isn't a prime concern.

Since buying these Rugers many years ago I've discovered Anschutzes. You can buy a far more accurate used Anschutz for the price of a new 77/22.

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This one is used, I always find stainless attractive, this one has the timney hammer and spring in it, didn't have any snap caps so I did not dry fire it. do like the bolt as compared to any of my other 22's.

Have yet to stumble across a Anschutz or even a CZ any where so I could just take a look!

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Thanks for the info! I still have not made any decisions, I have the rifle on hold, for me its not really a either or situation, but for some reason I have been resistant to the CZ's and Anschutz, but warming to the idea as I start to get more open to the idea of bolt action 22's at those price points...the CZ's seem to be reasonably priced, but a new  Anschutz prices have me in sticker shock!

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well...I about had myself talked out of this rifle, but

1. Just watched a blue version of this rifle on Gun Broker with a cheap scope fetch 150.00 more then what I can get this rifle for....and I am a sucker for stainless!

2. My Birthday is coming up, wife walked in the shop tonight, told her I was going to skip it, she offered me a couple hundred towards it as a birthday present.

3. Thinking I can lend it to a real good friend for a few matches to encourage him to be my partner at the silhouette matches. He is having a rough go lately and it would be good for him to get out and do a little something fun. Maybe this would twist his arm a little.

  Might just make it mine in the morning!

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I tried one more time to talk myself out of it, wandered the store for a few minutes...didn't work. For a 14 year old rifle. Its in very nice shape.

  As far as personal taste, the stock is a take it or leave it choice. But the stainless is sharp looking. The bolt and receiver seems to be one of the most solid 22 bolt actions I have looked at and pretty much made the sale for me. The whole rifle just seem to be very well built.

  It was tagged as having a Timney Trigger, Feels nice. I do not have a trigger pull scale. (yet) Weight feels very similar to my Savage Accutrigger on my BSEV (still at the factory settings) I think it has less creep and breaks a little more consistent then the savage after pulling both while side by side a few times. But I am far from being a trigger expert, still learning. But the trigger is night and day better then my new 10/22 or any of the rest of the rifles in my 22 collection.

  Looking at a couple of silver scopes, but need to keep the budget in check(for now). Leaning towards a Mueller 4.5-14x40mm AO APV, one of those can be on the door step for under 140.00

Once it's Scoped, I will give it some side by side testing against some of my other toys!





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Very Nice! If you have never tried it, get some Colibri ammo made by Aguila. It contains no powder, just a primer and a 20 grain bullet. In a bolt action rifle it is nearly silent. Lot of fun to use, and great for backyard plinking.

I second the Colibri ammo, I keep a Savage MII loaded with it for coyotes in the subdivision, no one would ever know I fired. Might not kill a coyote, but certainly would send it packing.

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Thanks for the tip on the Colibre, have my very first 22, a Sears & Roebucks Model 1 (Winchester 101 I think it is) The Colibre might be fun in that one!

  My main intent with this rifle is a Hunter Class Small Bore Silhouette Rifle and if I shoot better with it then I do with my Savage, I would use it in the standard class also!

I have found what has been a reliable source of the Fiocchi sub sonics, 6 bricks in 4 trips to this store! Chances are I will stick with the Fiocchi for now until they can not get it any more or I find a reliable source of some type of ammo that shoots better!

But for now, it has been kinda cool to run the same ammo through a few different rifles and systematically start creating a data base of my different rifles and their set ups!

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Let the Scope mounting fun began! In hopes of avoiding the Savage Scope mounting fiscal

Shortly after the pictures were taken last night, I peeled a beat up 3x9 Tasco off of a equally beat up browning 308 just to take a look at mounting, clearance etc.

Well...with the rings that came with the rifle  the bolt did not clear the scope, It would be my guess that any scope that is going to make me happy is not going to clear.

Disappointed, I really liked the stainless rings and was hoping to be able to use them and save some money.

After looking up the cost of Ruger stainless rings, and having a fear of having to purchase more then one set while trying to make some scope fit, I changed course and just ordered a Weig-A-Tinny mount with rings, all in silver. At least if I have to play with ring heights, not going to end up with rings that can't be used else where. Little concerned about the comb height and the tall scope mounting.

So much for the Scope Budget...scope might need to wait a week or two! 


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I do like the Ruger rings...just not sure they are my best bet until I know exactly what scope and set up the rifle and myself settle on..if ever, the Wiengard set up seems to offer some cost effective versatility. Once I know what I want and like, good chance I might have a custom 1 off set up some day, all trued to the rifle!

This Silhouette stuff is a challenge and I am enjoying the learning experience and the process! I have not dived in head first, but looks like we have a strong group in our area putting together regular matches at several clubs. I have only attended the one club so far. but I had fun!

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Today, it was about scopes, closed up shop this afternoon and off to the out door stores we went.

I had it in my head that a Silver Scope would be cool, still do, but not many choices in a moderate priced scope, as I stated earlier, was giving consideration to a Mueller.

My take away from todays excursion, after looking at a lot of scopes, prices across the board, I find myself leaning strongly towards a Vortex Cross Fire 6-18x44 AO. Then after getting home and looking it up on line, its available with a Illuminated center dot. Had the Vortex Side buy side with a Leupold and Ziess at 4 times the cost...and I still was pretty impressed with the inexpensive Vortex! Would love to see a Mueller in person, but have not encountered one yet!

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The Weig-A-Tinny arrived, it uses attachment screws on both side were it clamps to the rifle. guess the good thing , there may be a little adjustment there to align(windage) the mount, bad thing...I might have to align it! lol

I did screw all the screws in tight on one side and then clamped it to the rifle.

I have not hit the buy it now button on any scopes, but have pretty much decided to go with the Vortex Crossfire II.

This evening. just couldn't stand it any more, flipped the levers on the scope rings on the Savage, lifted off the BSA, and set it on the Ruger and tightened the clamps.

At 50 yards, it was only about 4-5 inches to the right and slightly high on a steel plate. with in three shots I had it dialed pretty dang close to my point of aim, shot three rounds that grouped very tightly still slightly to the right, gave it a few more clicks and put one round right on my point of aim. From there I moved to my spinners, put a couple on the big spinner, put a couple on the mid size spinner then went 9 out of 10 on the small spinner.

Shot a little off hand, was tired, getting ate up by mosquitos... but first impression is this thing shots very well. The trigger must be lighter and/or has less travel then my Savage as I had several rounds go off while trying to preload the trigger!

Looking forward to getting the rifle set up with the scope I think I am going to purchase and putting it on paper to see just what I have!

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