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new parts for my all terrain bike


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I have just ordered a new crank and bottom bracket and rear cassette for my mountain bike. I have a barracuda thriller mountain bike but all I wanted was the frame. It was a bargain basement bike. I have a habit of breaking frames so I went for a Tonka frame. The barrcuda frame is a little heavy but it is strong and I havnt managed to snap a weld or the head stock off yet!!!. I brought the orginal bike from fleabay it was new when I brought it. I have been riding this bike now for about 6 years and all that remains of the orininal bike I brought is the front wheel, the handle bars and seat post, I  have fitted front and rear disc brakes,7 speed rapid fire shifters, suntour suspension front forks. Air jet gas adjustable rear shock, shimano rear wheel with disc brake hub, new front mech and rear derailleur and hanger. With the new parts it will have industrial cartridge bearing bottom bracket and all shimano gears which should last a few years. The crank and cassette have lasted 6 years but now 5,6,7th gears arnt working and the chain is jumping and ghost shifting and the crank is worn out. So time to replace and make the bike good for a few more years of abuse. I ride hard and do alot of all terrain  cycling

Drew your green bike does it have air sprung front forks ? As that is the next item on the shopping list is air sprung front forks.

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