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UZI's in .22


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I bought myself a couple of early Christmas gifts this year after doing a great deal of research on these firearms. I have had the opportunity in the past to handle and shoot several 9mm UZI's and always wanted one. So when Umarex started importing these Walther made .22 versions of the UZI carbine and pistol (uzi micro frame) I had to have  them. They are made under license from IWI (Israel Weapon Industries). I saved $150-200 each buying the firearm from CDNN rather than locally retail.  Since the rifle and pistol only come with one 20 round magazine I ordered 4 more at 20 each from CDNN also.

The only readily visual difference between the .22's and the 9mm's is the magazines. The weapons are very close copies aesthetically. Of course the guts are all .22. Every online review I read was positive on these guns and I can see why after handling these firearms. I am very very impressed by the build quality and solid feel on both these units. The receiver and receiver cover are aluminum castings not Polymer and the little guns feels like quality weapons throughout. The pistol grips and integral trigger guards are polymer, the barrel sleeve and folding stock of the rifle are steel and well made and solid. The rifle has a folding stock, detachable sling swivel and the traditional UZI handguard, which may be removed to reveal a small Picatinny rail. I did remove it and installed a short vertical grip which I had in my gear stash. The under-folding, steel stock operates just like the original UZI stock. Unlike the UZI center-fire Carbines, the .22 Long Rifle has a 18-inch long barrel that is surrounded by an 1 1/2-inch-diameter steel shroud that is made to look like a suppressor, of course it is non-functional. The forward 12 1/2 inches of barrel is stiffened by the faux suppressor. The extra barrel length was necessary to comply with federal law that requires that a rifle’s overall length must be at least 26 inches with the stock folded. The sights are made like original UZI sights and are protected by sight ears front and back, the rear sight is a two-position aperture flip, while the front is a post. Elevation adjustments are made by depressing the detent adjacent to the front post and turning it up or down.

the guns field-strip easily into three major parts for cleaning.  The guns are labeled “22LR HV†to indicate that only high-velocity ammunition is advised to cycle reliably. CCI Mini Mag or similar ammunition is recommended by the Manufacturer.

I will update with a range session report when I get the time to field test the UZI's.

[img width=800 height=534]http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y217/jimcope/IWI%20UZI/8bbefb80-4853-4aff-b14d-7b374b60049b_zpsab2c84d3.jpg


[img width=800 height=453]http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y217/jimcope/IWI%20UZI/672efdcc-fe73-49d6-8229-47435548a651_zps04d20859.jpg

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