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Welcome back

So, if they're closing your station what was the training for

That has been the subject of much discussion. I have theorized that somewhere in the USPS is a "training coordinator". This person, a pay grade PS - 19, received her promotion to this unneeded position by performing the "horizontal bop" to one or more managers. She has a ged, but no college education or associated job skills. She no doubt gets a sizable yearly bonus for outstanding job performance by insuring that her training budget is entirely exhausted and applying for a larger budget for FY15. Next year she is scheduled for promotion and will gain a staff of 6 minions. She has been "fast tracked" to become the youngest VP of Technical Training, even though she has issues setting the time on an alarm clock. Meanwhile the actual mail gets slower and slower. Toledo's mail is now sent to Pontiac Michigan to be canceled, then returned to Toledo for sortation and distribution. We actually had one days worth of mail that was sent to Grand Rapids Michigan for cancellation - a 372 mile round trip. When you understand that each mail piece has a cost for processing,  then you add needless transportation and fuel costs, the price per mail piece skyrockets. Any savings that might have been realized by closing a facility is swallowed by the increased cost of doing business. So, to answer your question, I have no blinking idea why they sent me to school.

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