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Hey folks. My name is Chris from the Charleston, SC area. I'm assembling what I believe is my 4th or 5th 10/22. I'm looking at two options this time, either dropping the receiver and a barrel into a Troy T22 chassis or once I'm finished polishing it out, I'll polish up a stainless .920 barrel, put a silver finished scope on and drop it into some type of stock. No budget to continue right now so it's just a work in progress. My other gun hobbies revolve solely around AR's in various calibre's. I build my own and have helped others build theirs. Hopefully I'll get a .300 Blackout upper sold at the gun show this weekend to help fund this 10/22 project.

I'm a 25 year Army/Army Reservist plus I work for the Navy in a DoD position and married 25 years. Three children, a grown daughter, 15yo miniature dachshund and 4yo German Shepherd.

Anyway, that's me. Looking forward to gaining some good knowledge on this forum. I read more than I write but I'll try to have useful input now and then.


Current project:


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