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M4 colt carbine high cap. Magazine drum style


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I'm wondering about availability of drum style magazine with higher than 30 round capacity. Does anyone know if one is available? I'm also curious about an aftermarket ejcction port cover. Can't get original one to work and it never did work right since purchasing my m4 new. Talked to umarex and they said they were waiting for a shipment from Germany and to check back in 2 weeks.

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It would not stay closed, I called umarex and they sent me a new latch mech. But it would not stay together. I assembled it exactly as in drawings. I'm thinking it is slightly bent. I bought display model rifle maybe it was damaged while handled by customers or something.I think it stayed closed about 3 times after I got it home. I'm wondering if someone makes an aftermarket one to fit? I'm hoping they will warranty this as I've only had it 8 months, but I'm not willing to send it in and be without it over this. Otherwise this is a really nice rifle. Thanks for any info or advice!

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All of my 5.56 covers worked fine......My Colt Umarex dust cover would occasionally stick closed and I had to use a thin bladed knife to gently pry it loose.....The little block in the center of the door was catching on the back of the bolt so I used a fine jeweler's file to round the block so as to prevent it from catching.

No more problems........

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