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Puma PPS 50 rnd drum warning


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I received my new Puma PPS Wildcat 50 round 3 days ago and within 10 minutes the crappy 50 rnd drum magazine broke. The main spring popped out of it's slot in the spindle. After disassembling and reinserting the mainspring about 5 times, which takes 2 people to do, I called Legacy Sports who imediately offered to repair or replace the drum OR exchange it for (2) 30 rnd stick mags. I opted for the stick mags. The service tech stated they had updated polymer drum mags being mfg in USA for the rifle but wouldn't be available until October. The rifle is pretty nice but don't waste your money on the flimsey metal drum magazine. Get the stick mag version or wait for the new polymer drum.

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That's an interesting rifle. How does it shoot?

It's a simple tried and true steel tube receiver design that uses the charging handle to locate the bolt and shoots very well. At least the 20 or 30 rounds I was able to get through it. It has a very even pleasing matte black finish.

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Just fired off 60 rnds of Remington 550 from the new stick magazines. Went through the rifle like poop through a goose. Only 1 FT Fire (light strike). Put it back through and it went off second time around. If you insert a full magazine with the bolt closed it doesn't want to feed that round when you cycle the bolt. Since the bolt hold open only works with an empty mag in place it's best to retract the bolt, hold it open, insert the loaded mag then release the bolt. No problems this way. Woo Hoo!

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