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Removing powder residue


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The only ones I let near my guns are Hoppe's Nitro 9, Shooters Choice, and Sweet's 7.62 Bore Cleaner. All of these tend to work fine for me. For getting the lead out, I run patches of Kleen-Bore Lead removing cloth. Just keep it away from any blued surfaces.

I lubricate the guns with "RIG", this stuff works great and is the only thing Ive found that 100% will not let anything rust if properly applied. Ive used RIG for over 20 years, and I will not use anything else. EVER...Period.

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The best way for the blued revolver is probably going to be just good old Hoppe's 9, and a toothbrush or kleen-bore brush. Nylon bristles, and a fair amount of scrubbing. Thats the way I clean my blued Dan Wesson revolvers.

So far Ive not noticed any damage to the bluing, and Ive had them for 20 years or so.

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Well, it's now 2020, and there are some really effective synthetic gun cleaning solvents currently available. The brand that I have on my bench currently is EEZOX. this CLP is easy to use, I just run two wet fel cylinders soaked with EEZOX through the bore, let it sit for 15 minutes and then dry the bore with a dry fely plug:


If a centerfire bore has a bullet jacket coating involved, then, if you can stand the ammonia smell, Sweete's 7.62, will get the fouling out in short order, just don't leave the bore wet and once cleaned, a light coating of oil will protect the bore. 

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