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Looking at the front sight? Seems like it!


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I've got a Colt/Umarex M4 CARBINE with the stock front sight (whatever it's called technically). I kinda like the "look" of this sight, so I don't want to change it. I know they have "fold down" sights, etc. Question is: I'm looking at an NCSTAR Mark III Tactical 4x32 "acog" style scope for about $66.00 online. In my research, I noticed the one I'm getting which mounts on the flat top receiver (carry handle removed). On the NCSTAR site, it shows this, but it looks like you're looking RIGHT AT THE FRONT SIGHT! I see a LOT of people on the web (Utube, etc.) using this scope, mounted this way. Tell me this: How come the front sight ain't in the way?? Do you not see it thru the scope? I have a 3/4" RISER BLOCK I could use, but that seems to negate the convenience of the "quick-release" feature on the scope. Anybody using this set-up? How well does it work? I know the quality of the scope is "iffy" at best, but a lot of people have them! I would just rather NOT use the riser block if I don't HAVE to.

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I've got the Walther PS22 red-dot on mine now, and it is EXCELLENT. Problem is, my right eye is NOT!! I have a small cataract forming that is DEAD CENTER of my field of vision. It actually "breaks up" the red dot into a CLUSTER of dots that completely covers the tatget! Can't use open sights at all (covers the front post entirely). The red dot works fairly well for plinking, but 50 yd target shooting SUCKS. The strange thing is with magnification, I can see PERFECTLY! NO SIGN of a cataract! (American luxury car in JAPAN). Anybody know why that is? Thinking about walking around with binoculars strapped to my head! It looks like it gonna cost a lot of money to get this thing fixed, and I ain't got no insurance...BUMMER! Does the front sight affect 4X magnification at all? Would it still be better with the riser?

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