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Was the Chiappa 1911 really a POS?  I read through the other thread and caught on that you didnt care for it.  I was looking at working a lil OT and buying one.  I wanted to buy an after market clamp on rail for a light attachment and add a set of Hogue wrap around finger grooved rubber grips.  I was kinda goin for the LAPD Kimber look.  I dont want to waste money and time but I also have to wonder why they all seem to be about 100 bucks cheaper than the GSG 1911.  Its obviously for plinking and not precision marksmanship, but like I said I dont want to buy a steamin pile of poop. 

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Master Sargeant,

  I didn't like it at all. Couldn't wait to rid myself of it and did. But to qualify my opinion I must tell you that I am jaded. I own two other 1911 22s, a Colt Ace and a Kimber Rimfire Target, both are quite "all that". I found the Chiappa too toy like and I own many toyish 22s so this one was particularly cheap looking.

  I'm in the minority though, most owners like them. Just not for me.

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At some point I'd like to get the GSG 1911, at the cost of the good conversion kits I figure I might as well get a whole new pistol. Until then I'll keep plinking with my Buckmark Camper. The NM winner of the Ruger Rimfire Challenge has won the last 2 years with a Buckmark, bet that tics off Ruger. But I would like a .22 with all the same controls as my other 1911s.

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