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So we thought the Coyotes were a little big


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We have a lot of coyotes in our area. We thought that the size was a little bigger than normal. We had a park ranger tell us that they were some sort of wolf/coyote hybrid. We took it with a grain of salt. Well this weekend the state had an article in the paper. They are in fact a hybrid that is 80-100lbs and will take down a deer.

The ranger also told us there's a few mountain lions about. I believe him.

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According to New Mexico Game & Fish the coyotes here average between 20 and 40 pounds. Which makes sense less available food around for them. From back in my 20s when I hunted them in counties with bounties on them I'd say a lot of them are closer to the lower end of that weight range.

The problems with them here comes from where housing has been built near the open areas, mainly in the form of then preying on small pets.

They are aggressive around some of the better know parks that attract people from outside the state because to many toss food to them or leave it where they can get at it.

I quite often see them on my way to the gun club of which 10 miles or more of the trip is through ranch land on dirt roads. My wife sees them regularly on her way to work in the morning, both in the sub-division and as she is leaving the housing area, our house is less than a quarter mile from the open land of the Santa Ana Pueblo reservation. A lot of small pets come up missing in this area, we have 2 80 pound plus dogs so I don't worry about it.

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