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I also subscribe to PerfectUnionBBS- on there DrewArtist a regular noted today that a friend's M&P .22 had a catastophic failure-no details. He said S&W refunded the full purchase price, shipping and all transfer fees...I'll post up if I get anymore info....NOTE: this is NOT an S&W bashing!

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I chatted with DrewArtist again yesterday, at a Nebraska gun shop he frequents the first M&P .22 they sold a month ago had failed. He heard the news 3rd hand, from an employee of the shop. The guy stated there was no injury, but he didn't know exactly what had caused the failure. S&W has the gun back already....

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  • 2 months later...

have same. 

into my 5th or 6th mag had a "Catastrophic" failure.  of course this was unlike a large caliber rifle failure.  It appears the round fired out of battery.  The case was only approx. 50% into the breach and the lower half of the case remaining out of the breach was blown open.  When the failure occured, the magazine blew out of the mag well.  The extractor pin was gone and unable to be located.  the bolt face appeared to be undamaged.  The receiver and magazine also appeared to be undamaged.  My right hand was smoking a bit, and stung but no damage.  I am glad i was wearing safety glasses.  They did stop a fair amount of carbon discharge from hitting my eyes.  (was shooting left side at the time).  had a nice outline on my face around the safety glassess. 

Sent the rifle and mag to S&W and along w/ the blown case as well as several normally ejected cases.  They paid for the shipping. 

Rec'd the rifle back approx. 2 weeks later w/ what appears to be a new extractor.  Nothing else is changed.  (still dirty....  ;D :)

I had sent a detailed letter along w/ the rifle, and asked several questions, such as buying a second spare bolt, the possibility of threading the barrel, since they had it already, etc....

When it was returned, i did not get any note or explanation of the repairs but they did toss in a spare mag as a good will guesture i guess. 

At any rate, will be testing for function again this week. 

would like to order a threaded barrel and a spare bolt, but i'm not sure how to do it...


i still love it.

the Colt blows compared to this one, i've had them both. 

stay well!

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