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Ok guys, hold the fort.


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I make this trek once per year every may or June with an old friend. Every earlier attempt has been rained out. I went to the local butcher and picked up some big ass NY Strips to cook on the hibachi. Its normally a great time. It's the one day per year where we let our boy Toby the GSD dog drink beer.

Two years ago I broke my rod upon getting out of the truck. My clever lady patched it together with a bic pen and duct tape while I was off having a fit of profanities.

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What a day, the weather was great but I do regret going in shorts and a T-Shirt. It was about 65 with a strong breeze. We mostly fish for smalleys but today was odd. My third cast yielded a rainbow trout about 16" long. That fish was a sign of how the day would go. We could not catch a bass as the trout were crazy. Mostly rainbows  similar to the first with several 12" brown trout tossed in the mix. I lost one much larger rainbow trying to get it out of the water. As he slipped back in I noticed he had an old lure in his mouth. I wish I could have caught him to remove it.

Fishing was spectacular until around 3pm and then there was a massive hatch of what I think might be called mayflies. The water was exploding with trout but they had stopped chasing lures almost immediately following the hatch. I did catch one or two more but that was it. I had noticed the bellies where bulging with food on the rainbows.

We bumped into a guy who said the river was stocked two weeks ago with 5000 trout. That certainly explained the abnormal conditions.

The NY strips were fantastic.

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Trout for dinner tonight?

hell no, for one I dont eat fish, secondly it is a trout management area but last and most importantly General Electric polluted the Housatonic River in Massachusetts with PCB's many years ago so they say you shouldnt eat more than one or two per year from that river.

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actually you make it sound good. I have been wrestling with trying to overcome this fish thing for years. If its ever going to happen its going to be a fresh one streamside cooked as you describe.

I used to eat fish but I got really sick on it twice when I was young and that was the end for me.

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