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NAA Minis


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  • 8 months later...

I've had the .22 mag version for about 20+ years now and it's probably the "ideal" carry gun!  I say ideal because for the average person who isn't interesting in getting all strapped up with conceal carry "solutions" being able to drop this tiny magnum revolver in the front pocket and know I have 5 shots at close range has been my personal "go to solution" for many years.  I have shot mine extensively and the best round for it...as with all .22's is "solids" for best penetration.  The tiny .22 bullet really doesn't need to expand on human size targets because it will tumble considerably.

Anyone who thinks these tiny guns are only expensive novelties should reconsider.  In my line of work (trauma/GSW) I've seen a LOT of .22 victims...believe me I'd RATHER take a .45ACP or 9mm hit over the .22LR/Mag.  All those who've never seen and been involved in trying to save people hit by .22 caliber rounds can believe as they wish but I would not want to be on the receiving end of the NAA .22Mag or any other .22.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Got an NAA Pug a few months ago and it was a revelation! I use it for dog-walking duty and around-the-house carry, tho I don't think I'd trust it in the big city; I have a PM9 for regular carry ... it's a wonderful gun, easy to shoot (no recoil, that was a surprise!), easy to care for and so light I don't even know I have it in my pocket ... got a fabric pocket holster from NAA, which also holds a reload (not likely to get used, given the production reloading is with these little terrors). I'm a huge fan ...

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Nice piece. I've owned several over the years. Started carrying one long before CCW permits became available here in Florida in 1987 because it's so small I wouldn't likely be caught carrying. But once I was able to get a CCW I opted for more modern designs. Just can't quite get comfortable with a miniature single action revolver for defense.

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  • 6 months later...

Just read an interesting article about a gunfight between a cretin armed with a mini revolver in .22LR and a State Trooper armed with a .357 magnum.  Unfortunately the outcome was not in favor of the Trooper but the lesson to be taken is that tiny .22's are not to be taken lightly.

The Trooper basically emptied his .357 magnum loaded with 125gr. JHP's into the bad guy...bad guy survived to be tried and sentenced for the murder of the Trooper.

The bad guy pumped two shots into the Trooper's vest without penetration, then a THIRD entered the Trooper's upper arm and penetrated deep enough to hit an artery.  The shootout was caught on "dash cam" and the Trooper collapsed a few moments after being struck by the third bullet.

Since ALL "gunfights" are iffy situations, only a very foolish person would ever assume the man who pulls a mini-revolver is an "easy win".

The above case is tragic for the "good guy" but the lesson is well remembered for all.

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