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Eye protection


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Afternoon guys,

Thought I'd take note of the way you guys across the pond do things and get myself some eye protection.

Strangely it's not a requirement over here on our ranges to wear eye protection even though it's probably our primary sense. Anyway I managed to pick up a bargain. Got some ESS Crossbows from Ebay for $45! The seller sounded a bit gutted!

Anyone got any other recommendations? This is my first time purchasing eye protection appart from the ones I wear mountain biking.



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Here there are so many kinds I doubt any two of us wear the same ones. The ones I wear the most are Beretta made or endorsed, I got them with a coupon from when I bought my Beretta 92FS. They have amber tinted lens which seems to work well in the New Mexico sun.

I'm happy as long as the wrap around to the side past the eye, I don't know if I'd ever bother to buy an expensive pair, unless I had to quit wearing contacts for some reason then would get prescription ones.

I keep at least a pair of just plain inexpensive shop safety glasses (I bought these in Sam's Club 12 pairs for about $30)  in each of my range bags. Our gun club requires them for anyone on or near the firing line. Since I am a certified Range Safety Officer and expected to enforce the club rules, it is easier for me to loan them one of the plain pairs than to have a hassle. I use the same Sam's glasses when reloading or working with my power tools.

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