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1911 knifes

Michigan Joe

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Did you guys see these knives yet?


They use standard 1911 grips.  As my 17 year old son would say, "Sick." (Which apparently is the new way of saying "Cool." However, when I asked him why he just did not say "cool," he said nobody uses the word "cool" any more and that  I definitely was not "sick."  I replied that of course I was not sick as I felt fine.  He then said that he knew I was not sick, but what he meant was that I was not cool.  I countered by saying that I agreed it was warm. He got a little agitated and said he did not mean that; what he meant was that I was not sick. I said that I told him that I felt fine. He started to shout that I wasn't "cool," pronouncing "cool" very slowly.  I replied that it was "warm" (pronounced slowly). He threw up his hands and walked out.)

My wife looked at me and said, "Why do you do that?" I replied because I was "cool." She said, "Put on a sweater."  I knew enough to shut up.

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