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A word of advice....

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When one wants to pull the triggergroup from your lower, proceed with caution (this is acuriousity almost killed the cat-story).

There's a screw (forgive me for my english that stinks, it's not a screw but it works the same, can't get the right english word for it, it's the other not being a torguescrew...  ;D ) in the grip and a small crossscrew on one of your safetyswitches.

When removed one can pull the trigger group out of the lower.

But do it very gently.... I was greeted with about 3 springs, a plate and 2 rings that immediately jumped into AWOL-modus.

And don't put black carpet on your gunroomfloor...  :grin:

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I hate parts that try to go AWOL  :auto: ???

I once had to track down an escaping spring, my wife found it finally in one of the other rooms. It fad to have riccochetted several times to make it into that room, there was no direct line from the table I was working at and the room door.

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keep a STRONG flashlite and a good sized magnet handy. Turn off the lites and shine the lite ACROSS the carpet at floor level, most parts will gleam back at you. For small pins and clips in the carpet the magnet works well, sweep it slowly across the surface of the carpet. If none of this works have a small child look closely, offering a small reward. If THAT doesn't work, it cannot be found. Order another part..... ;D

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Order another part...?

And then what...?

Wait another frikin' 4 months and still counting for it to arrive...?


Still no new stock. I'm getting pretty annoyed with ISSC Customer Service. On top of that I'm having reliability issues with my rifle. Failures to Fire.

I'm slowly beginning to get second thoughts on this one. >:(

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