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Scanner programming help


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My Sweetie wanted a scanner a few years back, so we have a Uniden BCT8, and it seems to have lost it's programming. Naturally, it ended up on my work bench. I know absolutely nothing about scanners. I have tried to read the manual, and lost consciousness both times. I noted it had a serial port, and said "ah ha" - I can hook it up to a PC. Yes I can, and after one spends $40 or so on software, it seems that you still have to know more about scanner programming than I seem capable of. Trunking, private bank scanning, service scanning, data skip, freq skip, geesh - what happened to the old turn-it-on-adjust-the squelch-scanners?? And then you seem to have to know what to program for in your area.  :confused:

Anyone have any suggestions that do not include scanner destruction?



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You almost need a technicians license to program that darn thing.  It is complicated but worth it if that is what you are into.  Due to the public safety agencies moving into trunked radios programming a scanner is infinitely moe complex than 10-20 years ago.  Not to mention that many of the agencies now encrypt their radios so scanners are useless.

Good Luck.

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