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Gun Trust Attorney - Mark Zeck (New England)


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I had an awesome meeting with Mark today. I originally inquired about a trust as a path to Suppressors and and SBR's but after a few emails, a phone call and todays meeting I really came to understand that a gun trust is about so much more. It's really about protecting you and your firearms. Ill save that for another topic.

Mark was not at all what I expected, he's a shooter like the rest of us, likes the black guns and is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and the NRA and he just happens to be an attorney.

He explains things very clearly and really makes you feel that he has your best interest at heart and is not BSing you. I spent a good hour and a half talking with him. A good 1/3 was discussing guns. He was kind enough to bring out some of his collection for me to fondle.

Anyhow anyone in New England looking to purchase NFA items or just wanting to protect their collection now and in the future would do well to give Mark a call. It may be the best money you spend on shooting.

Check out his website

The Law Offices of Jalowiec & Zeck, LLC

114 Sodom Lane

Derby, Connecticut 06418

Phone: (203) 734-1100

Facsimile: (203) 734-7279

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So you spent a 1/3 of the time talking guns at $200 an hour? hehe just kidding. I used Quicken willmaker for my trust and so has my Class 3 dealer without any issues. Very very simple just fill in the blanks with your name and your trustees name.

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I was reading on a few other forums as well as a gun trust lawyer site that they (Feds) are not allowing the quicken trusts any longer. I also read an article recently that dealers performing on site trusts might be opening themselves up for some trouble. The Feds are trying to close what they consider a "loop hole"

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