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new m16 fail to eject


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I just got my m16 22 about a week ago, and after 200 - 300 rounds of federal bulk with the bolt main spring all the way in, I am still getting 3 or 4 failure to eject's out of every 30 round mag. After reading all colt post's, I decided to follow Techmike's tutorial and break it all down and clean it. I also took Sideshow99's advice and split open the bolt to clean out all the crap, stretch the extractor spring slightly, and I took about 1-1/2 coil's off of the fireing pin spring. It will be A couple of days before I get back to the range, but i hope this will solve my problems. While I really want to love it, I am very disappointed with the opperations of this weapon. I also have A sig-522, S&W- mp15-22, & gsg-5 with hardware upgrades, and have yet to experiance anything like this. If anyone has any sugestions I would love to hear them. Thank's. This site rocks!

Special thanks to techmike, sideshow99 , & wobblinwheel for the excelent info & pictures.

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I snuck out to the range today to see if anything that I did made A difference. No such luck. I struggled through four 30 round mags with consistant stove pipes every second or third round. I started to hold the gun down low and just shoot from the hip so I could watch the brass fly out. To my surprise the brass barely flew at all when it did come out. I then looked at the ejector (part # 48 in the operators manual) and noticed that it was kicked to the left ever so slightly. The extractor pulled the spent brass out of the chamber but it did not hit the ejector. This allowed the empty brass to just lay there and get jammed up as the bolt stripped the next round off the mag. I took the long allen wrench for adjusting the bolt speed and inserted through the mag well behind the

ejector and pried the ejector til it was kicked to the right just a bit. I proceded to load up and it was like magic ! Brass flew ten feet or more.

This is such a relief. Shot another 180 rounds with no ejection problems. Four rounds failed to fire, not from a light strike, but from no strike at all. That's right, no visible strike at all. Now that I can shoot this gun, I am shure that it will only get better.

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