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UPDATE: New pics of Colt M16! Custom receiver added!

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Hey guys, last time i posted was in november and after a long christmas with the family i finally had time in January to work on the project.  I added a custom receiver to the colt which took a painstaking 3 straight days to get everything lined up and to similar specs as the original colt receiver.  decided to do a magpul lower with a mur-1 upper receiver.  also coated the rail and the receiver in dark earth to break up the colors since all the accessories are now black.  here's the mod list:

Umarex Colt M16 Base Gun

Magpul Lower Receiver with MUR-1 Upper Receiver

Noveske 12" Rail System

Vltor ModPod

Magpul PRS

Magpul MIAD Grip

Magpul MBUS Front and Rear Flip Up Sights

Low Profile Gas Block w/Gas Tube

Elcan SpecterDR

Here are some pics for your enjoyment!  Better high res photos coming soon.





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microgunner, unfortunately i didn't take pictures during the process. i kept forgetting to grab the camera while modding the receiver.  it was a bit of pain watching 2 kids and having a wife in the other ear about other things i could be doing besides working on my rifle lol.  The receiver i used is actually an airsoft receiver.  i've been messing with airsoft rifles and building my backyard plinkers for a few years now and after getting a colt and completely disecting it, i realized they were very much similar with only a few small exceptions which i'll explain also.  there is 4 places that needed to be grinded down on the upper receiver and bolt assembly slides right in.  the lower receiver has 4 places that need to be enlarged.  the only tricky party is making sure everything fits and lines up properly and also the nice thing is that all the things such as mag release, selector switch and such are all the original umarex parts. after the modifications are done, everything dropped right in like it belongs there.  also a nice advantage of the new receiver is that on the old colt one the rear pin was a complete pain in the arse to pop out without punching it out. now both my front and rear pins pop right out with just a push of my thumb for easy disassembly.  i can go more in depth with it if anyone wants to tackle on the challenge.  i've taken the rifle out to the range and it has definately turned heads when people saw me whip this thing out on the bench.  even the range officers couldn't believe that it was a 22 lol.

here is the link to the receiver i used: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPath=25_692_97&products_id=31339  yes a bit pricey, but the fact of the matter is that it's a magpul lower receiver and a mur-1 upper lol.

i know a lot of people say that a lot of things aren't interchangable but this proves them wrong as the only original things on mine are the internals and barrel.

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it shoots as flawless as day one lol. while doing the project i decided to do a full strip of the bolt and gave it a good cleaning. boy does that thing sure gunk up. they sure did lie when they said no diassembly was required to clean it lol.  everything now works smooth as butter. now if only i could figure out how to do a bolt release for it, that will be my next task. ive actually been asked by a few locals to produce more modded receivers for a few local friends that also bought colts. so we will see what other stuff i can come up with.  im itching to start an m4 project that ive had in mind for a few days now.  dont wanna piss off the wife though by buying another gun lol. i have plans on doing a monolithic vltor upper so we will see how this goes.

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