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I'm from Kansas City, MO and recently did a bunch of research on tactical .22's I finally decided on one after about 3 months of looking and checking them out. I bought a SigSauer 522 SWAT/Commando (damn that's a mouthful) Anyway here she is with a 50 round drum mag.


I have a LOT of guns but this one is the most fun to shoot by far. At 25 yards it is deadly accurate... I wish i lived somewhere where i cold just walk outside and shoot instead of spending all that money ar the range shoulder to shoulder with all those other guys...

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Welcome, and nice looking rifle! Does it shoot those Thunderbolts OK?

the sig will shoot ANYTHING. I shot 500 of those without a single mishap. I'm not one to brag on a brand name... I strive to be non fan boy about guns but this rifle is a champ at firing whatever i put in there. I had a couple hundreds of who knows rounds that i found in my dads toolboxm i'm sure they were 20+ years old. All of them went right through that gun without a problem.

So yeah... no thunderduds :D

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