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One of the new developments in coming months is...

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HAHA!!!  I'm planting Evil Seeds all over the place, and I think unforgiven just accidentally fell on one of them...  :confused: ;D

I'll be calling you soon about these - I love the design, and I hate top-loading the 700 with a one-piece scope rail on there.  That's a tedious process.  It's definitely a bonus that I can get the DBM from you, because I won't have to wonder or guess about the quality - I know the design and function will be as good as it can possibly be, from any manufacturer.  I have to figure out how to tell people it's a BADASS-DBM, though...  :grin:

I'm going to experiment with this a bit once I get it in my hands.  I've got a Ruger Gunsite Scout that uses "AI-designed" mags.  The actual mags are made by Accurate Mag, on the AI template.  If the Ruger steel factory "AI-designed" mag fits, then the Ruger polymer mags will fit, too, and I've got a bundle of those things already...  :thumb:

I'm running a Hogue overmold stock on the 700 now, so that shouldn't be too hard to inlet, with a few small Dremel sanding drums and bits.  :beer:

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Cool, I think you'll like it :)  We've worked closely with Accurate Mag, their mag will work just fine  ;D

That awesome news - the Ruger GSR mags will probably work as well.  :thumb:

Sometime on Friday or Saturday I'll be giving you a call.  Need more BAD-ASS assemblies, also.  It's time for the pink one to be built...  :o ;D

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