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Hi Guys,

So it's taken about five months but my new CMMG has finally arrived from the US. Picked it up on Friday and went straight to the range. I have to say I love it. I was a big fan of my Colt M4 Ops but it always bugged me that it wasn't a proper black rifle which is why I sold it and bought this. It was a couple of hundred quid more than the Colt but this is a keeper. I guess it should be considering it cost £900 ($1435)!

Next purchase for it has to be a new site, some Evolution long skinned mags and I quite like the Samson Evolution rails but for the moment it'll stay the way it is. The trigger has been tweaked a bit to reduce the pull weight and it is a lovely thing to use. You can really tell the difference between the Colt and the CMMG.

So here it is....




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I'll try and get some more photo's taken and posted.

OMG indeed! It's the reason I didn't go for a CMMG in the first place. There's only a few places I know in the UK that sell black rifles. I guess they can pretty much charge what they want. Obviously in the US shooting's a huge industry. It's not as popular over here which I guess pushes up prices  >:(. Some of the custom engineered AR15 rifles sell for a LOT more.

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First  Congrats on the CMMG I helped a friend put one together and it is a great rifle

Whenever I see a post like this I realize just how good I have it here in the US. My brother lives in South Korea where CAN NOT own a firearm, and reading this where I realize that in the UK you pay 3x as much as we do stateside for the same product. 

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