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New Ruger 10/22


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I just bought my Ruger 10/22 today and had a lot of fun my first time shooting :). I have a quick question Dicks accidentally sold me a .25 cleaning brush and I ran it through the barrel once... I hope I didn't cause any damage do you guys think that would hurt it?

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Or try my method:  a .17 cal brush;  wrap it with paper towel strips just enough to make the plug tight--  tight enough to wipe the bore,  not so tight as to make it excessively difficult to push through the tube.  A powder solvent a couple of times and a dry swab a couple of times.  Then use Mobil One 10W-30 full synthetic motor oil with a little Kroil mixed in a few times and let the oil/Kroil soak.  Dry the oil with a couple of dry swabs before the next shooting session. 

My .17 cal brush has a threaded shank that will not fit any of my (.30 cal) cleaning rods,  but will slip inside the threaded socket on the end of the rods;  I push the swab into the chamber,  slip the rod end over the swab's shank,  push through the bore.  It is helpful that when the swab exits the muzzle it falls off into the catch bucket (trash can?) and saves unscrewing it.

Motor oil--  wherever;  Kroil--  some gun shops,  MidwayUSA,  industrial supply.  Only need a pint or 1/2 pint for a whole lot of cleanings;  small oil can--  try Harbor Freight or any other place of choice.

Note:  when you go to shoot,  fire at least a couple of rounds after that dry swab/patch to clear the bore.  It will be too slippery for the first few rounds. A 5-shot string with 22LR,  2 or 3 shots with any thing else.  Then all will be fine.  Residual synthetic oil molecules in the metal will dramatically reduce leading.  Lead,  copper,  powder residue,  whatever,  and cleanup will be a snap.  Go to extremes to keep that oil off optics or electronics.

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