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M4 CQB in Germany


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So the site says it has an 8.5 inch barrel, which would be pretty awesome I have to say.  Weight is, curiously, 6.5 pounds which is higher than the M4 OPS version here in America.  The site also notes that they sell it with a 2 round magazine in nations that require it.

2 rounds??!!

What's the point?

Anyway, here is the link:


Also of note is the fact that these products are shown on Walthers regular firearms site, not on an Umarex site.  The site itself says that if you want air guns, paintguns or blank firing guns you need to go to the Umarex site as that is what they carry. 

I know there is a HUGE debate in the onlineosphere about if these guns are "real" guns actually made by Walther or nothing more than converted airguns made by Umarex.  Seems that in Germany at least, where they are made, they are being sold and marketed as Walther firearms with no mention of Umarex. 

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I ordered a GSG Kalashnikov .22lr a couple years back and they accidentally shipped it with a 2 round magazine.

It was the same length as their 25 round mag but totally different internals.

GSG shipped me the correct magazine and I got to keep the 2 rounder.

It puzzles everyone who sees it.

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