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Politico Assault Weapons Ban Poll


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Sorry.  Went there,  could not find the place to vote.  Do not want to 'join' that forum.

Yesterday within the Twitter that I Follow,  there was a link to a British newspaper article.  Again,  sorry,  I could not get my act together at that moment to put the link here. 

The article was about gun violence in England.  They use the term "Britain" but it was only describing England.  We all know that the same things are occurring in all the other British Isles and British Commonwealth countries.  Ten years ago,  guns were almost entirely banned in the British Isles and in England.  A gun buyback was done by the government at a cost that remains a secret.  The avowed purpose was to reduce/eliminate gun violence with the promise from the government that gun violence would entirely disappear.  The predictable result over ten years is that the general law-abiding populace is unarmed;  guns in the hands of criminals and even more in the hands of gang & organized crime members have dramatically increased.  Gun violence has increased by 89%. 

Police in Britain historically could do very well --  when the general populace was armed -- with a nightstick.  When I was in the Air Force,  in the 1960's,  there were individuals who had been stationed in England in the late 1950's and early 1960's.  These individuals liked to speak of the British Bobby armed with only a nightstick and on foot,  controlling motor vehicle traffic and everything else by yelling at the drivers  and motioning to pedestrians and others.  No one driving in a car or other motor vehicle would dare not comply or fail to stop so the Bobby could issue a ticket.  Now that the ordinary person is not allowed to be armed,  the routine news items point to how bad things have become for all.

Recently the police have begun routine patrolling in groups armed with loaded sub-machine guns.  Laws are being passed to either provide guns to all police,  depending on the perceived threat in any given jurisdiction,  or allow them to obtain and carry guns on their own.

The comments at the end of the story included a few that make it clear that the ordinary British citizen is well aware of all this.

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