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Concerning a issue with ammo and gun barrel problems. I don't own an M4 but it appeared to me from watching videos that the "inner barrel" seems to be a little wimpy, that is small in diameter...more of a BB gun type. I do plan to but an M4 as I have one on layaway at Wal*Mart. Why is an outer and inner barrel scheme needed? Is the M4 barrel as far as mass goes similar to any other 22 cal AR platform?

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Keep in mind that the Colt is a .22 semi auto rifle, built in an air soft format, encased in an outer shell to make it look & feel like an AR. And for the most part it succeeds. I have one of the older ones, and except for the recoil spring mine is all original internal parts. (Except for one other spring that went "boing" and I never did find it) I don't know why Umarex went with the barrel and shroud design, but it seems to work well, as long as the flash hider is tightened to the same torque every time - the flash hider pulls all of the parts together into the desired position. Not a big deal for me. And I am sure it was much less expensive to manufacture than a solid steel AR barrel in .22lr.

After thinking about it, since the internal housing is made of Zamak, a small mass barrel was probably the best design, with a big aluminum outer housing to hold everything in alignment.

Concerning a issue with ammo and gun barrel problems. 

I would not worry about this at all. This particular rifle has been reported to have had modifications made to the ignition train that I believe could have been partly to blame for the case separation. If I remember correctly, the firing pin was lengthened and the firing pin return spring was shortened or removed. This could have caused an out-of-battery discharge. All my opinion of course.


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The Colt utilizes a tension barrel setup. Tension barrels have been used successively on rifles to improve accuracy while reducing weight. Example: Volquartsen tension barrels.

I believe Umarex went in this direction to reduce muzzle weight while keeping the M4 barrel profile. This will make the rifle easier to shoulder for shooters of smaller stature.

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