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DPMS LR-308 Build Project


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I have a thing for .308's/7.62x51. My first centerfire rifle was an old Remington 760 passed down to me. Ive had the bug ever since. Now that Im old and wise I also like that its a NATO round. I try to stay with military calibers for ammo cost and availability.

I do stray though on occasion though...

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Man, that is awesome.  I'm a big fan of the AR platform and would love to have one in .308

Very nice build !!!!!!


Top Gun Supply is selling a complete rifle close to what Midway is getting for an upper alone. In the high $800's Im shocked. Im well over $2k so far

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I havent weighed it yet but it is the heaviest rifle I have ever picked up. AR-15's are very easy but the .308's are not quite cookie cutter and you do need to watch parts compatibilty. Armalite AR-10's and DPMS LR-308's are different animals. A lot is similar but they are not 100% interchangeable.

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