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Guns America Petition - Please Read


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Register and sign the petition here.

From GA

Hi Everyone

Good news! It looks like we will hit the 25,000 signatures needed on our Whitehouse.gov petition that will require President Obama or his staff to answer.

Bad news! It won't matter that much. The anti-gun petition is being fueled by the mainstream media and is up over 160,000 signatures. It is a record for the petition system since it began. The second place petition is also anti-gun and currently has over 30,000 signatures. You guys couldn't even beat the also ran.

Bad news #2! While over 60,000 of you clicked into the petition website page yesterday (yes, we count), only 20,000 of you signed the petition. We understand your need for privacy, but the government already knows who you are. They scan in all of your 4473 forms! ARE YOU GOING TO STAND OR ARE YOU GOING TO TRY TO HIDE?

Over 1350 websites linked to our petition today, but it just isn't good enough. We need the major firearm manufacturers to post the link in their Facebooks, and that means you need to go post it on all of their Facebook pages. Many of them have fans in excess of a quarter million. WILL YOU ALL BE SILENT WHILE NANCY AND HARRY SALIVATE OVER OUR GUN RIGHTS?

NEWS FLASH: The NRA shut down their 1.7 million strong Facebook page today. This petition is the only pro-gun petition in the running. The Whitehouse petition site may not be the perfect place to plead the case of the law abiding American gun owner, but it is all we have.

GunsAmerica is only one website. We email over 700,000 subscribers, but it isn't enough against a media barrage from every major network and online outlet, reaching into the tens of millions. If you have a website with readers, a blog, anything, please link it directly to the petition page on the Whitehouse website. Do not link to the GunsAmerica Blog page. The full letter is not what matters now. It is purely that number that matters, and if we can get it up to 50,000 today Drudge will probably pick it up. It is our only hope to have a voice in this discussion.

It is up to us to do the heavy lifting through these first few days. Please sign the peition, and help out if you can.

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Quick question. I clicked the link and watched obama's video. still sounds like he's for the ban.

Is this for or against the ban?

another question, if the ban goes through will that affect the S&W 15-22 and Sig 522? I saw the leaked ban list but wanted to make sure it was real and not just speculation.

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