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Colt Umarex Quality Issue Statement


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Justin Biddle Umarex's Marketing Manager has stated that they have been made changes to the Umarex action and sorted out the issues experienced by the M4 owners.

Based on that statement  I spent last night doing a fair amount of research. It appears many of the Colts were returned for repair and correction.

Most of the problems fell into the same few categories

Failure to Feed

Failure to Fire

Magazines Falling Out

Front Sight Post Too Short

The failures to feed and fire in many cases were specific to ammo. It seems CCI worked the best while Winchester and Remington are the most problematic. I read of a few folks messing with their magazines to improve function

Umarex will send Colt M4 owners a new sight post upon request.

Basically a few folks got good rifles while a majority of owners got frustration in one form or another. Many shooters returned their Colts and bought Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22's and Ruger 10-22's

It seems Umarex by most reports has good customer service.

Note: This is all info gathered from the web and not first hand experience.

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The info came from an RSS feed. Ill see if I saved it at the office Monday. What I wrote was pretty much everything that was stated. It came from the HK Umarex news info and that was the focus of the feed. The Colt comment was just kind of tossed in I found that comment interesting which is why I went off in search of info.

Bump this Monday

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