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Demand A Plan - Demand Celebrities Go F*CK Themselves


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They make violent movies with lots of guns then they expect us to quietly give up our.

The scary part is much of the younger set believe these fakes are heroes.

Did we fail the generation who follows us?

I think they just didn't have heroes, I grew up surrounded by men from the Greatest Generation, both my grandfathers and all my great uncles had served in WWII, along with the Pastor of my church, the family mechanic, and the principle atelementaryntry school. I marveled at these men and respected them all, and bugged them for stories.

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the first thing I thought when I saw that spam was...

Jersey Shore...Real World...Honey Boo Boo...Octo Mom...How many more...How Many more... How many more pointless TV shows are they going to put on the TV to rot our brains.

Fox..CNN...ABC...How many more...How many more times are they going to use this tragedy in their favor because they need the statistics and the ratings

The only time they talk about Virginia Tech and Columbine is when another shooting happens, give it a couple months and they will be talking about something else. My thoughts are with those affected by those tragedies and the ones before that that they don't get media attention anymore.

I just went to go see Django (Awesome move btw) and 75% of the movies in the trailers before it had guns, all I could think of was can you imagine all these movies if there was no guns in them? would it sell?

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I've often wondered why we never get any of the "Armed Citizens" posts in the "American Rifleman" never make the news.  :confused:

We have a lot less bad guys walking the streets of Houston, because citizens have the right to protect themselves. Home invasion crews beware. We generally hear about 1 a week going to see their maker.

Instead we concentrate on the less than 1% of incidents, and the majority of those are the results of existing gun laws being broken. Neighbors buying guns for convicted felons. Gun owners allowing access to firearms of mentally deranged relatives. Pshychiatrists not reporting dangerous individuals to authorities, minors in possesion of hand guns. etc, etc..

If the existing laws would be enforced you would see an almost complete halt to these incidents. Notice I said "Almost". Even Abraham Lincoln said he could easily be assasinated by a determined mad man who was willing to give up his life in exchange. Pretty prophetic.

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Having just watched Hollywood's latest hypocritical "public service ad", interspersed with scenes of gun violence perpetrated by the very actors who are demanding "a plan" and that it's "enough", I can't help but shake my head. If they're serious, REALLY serious, I'd like to see one, just one, actor come out and say: "Although I've made movies in the past that has had gun violence in it, I will no longer accept roles in any movie or program that promotes or has as a part of it, ANY gun violence." Of course this will never happen because they're hypocrites who cash in on the violence of Hollywood.

Here's a thought. Let's start boycotting any and all movies that have gun violence in them. Hit 'em in the pocketbook. And see how they react.


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