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The hunt for reloading components


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I went in search of reloading components today without much success. The only primers I could find were for shotshell. If it relates to .223/5.56 or .308 be it brass, bullets or powder forget about it. Even wads for 12ga were missing. Also they were out of almost all ammo of any kind, except for the expensive stuff in not so popular calibers. There was some pistol caliber stuff still available but only high-end bullets and brass.

I hope the panic buying ends soon, after the 2008 election it took 6 months at least before I started seeing any quantities on the selves.

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I would guess its going to get worse, the Anti-gun folks have a strong foot hold, a president with nothing to lose and a desire to fundamentally change this country, Along with a segment of our community who the anti-gun people and the media are now and will continue to use as the poster child's to represent who and what the gun culture/community is all about.

I hope I am wrong

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There is ammo and components out there, just have to look and keep looking. (Internet) I was checking ammoman everyday, and nothing. Then, Christmas day he had ammo of all types. Didn't last long, but I got a case of .223. Berry's Bullets had stock, have not checked lately, I got a K of .380 and 9mm. (Just checked their website, and it said orders are shipping in 4-6 weeks) I don't load shot shells, so can't speak to that. It's tough, but no one has stopped making ammo, just folk hoarding. I think that will taper off soon. I expect prices to remain high for some time, at least until the back orders are reduced and stock builds up.

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