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Would like your opinion.....


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Well I guess it depends on what you want to do with it.

While I dont own one of these rifles I do have an AR that sees a lot of time as a .22 and my most common setup is an optic with a 1x-4x. My preference may come from the days when all AR-15's had carry handles and the handle mount colt optic was about the only choice.

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The laser is strictly a fast reaction CQB sight so therefore has no bearing on your choice of optics. Being that they operate independently of each other and under different circumstances your optic choice should not hinge on your laser.  Your barrel length should be more of a determining factor in optic choice. So, whatever floats your boat is fair game.

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I used my laser as a help with range estimation.

My laser was zeroed at 30 yards and my Scope at 45. That way if the laser fell below the cross hairs I knew the target was closer than 45 yards and if it was over the top, the target was further. I guess it depends where you fix your laser in relation to the scope as to how it works for you.

I also found that a laser provided enough light for a night vision unit that I borrowed and actually lit targets up further than I imagined the laser would shine.

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I prefer optical sights - do not want to depend on batteries. (I know - neanderthal attitude) But I have to admit, I have yet to find the perfect scope for my M-4.... I started out with a fixed low power mil-dot scope, which was OK, but... Currently have a 5.5 to 20x with side parallax adjustment, and turret adjustments. Other than it's large size, it's cool. Mil dot - which I do not use, zero'd it @ 50, rotate top knob CCW to 20 & it's right on @ 100. But at high mag, it tends to "white-out" depending on the background. I do like the high power because I can see a .22 cal hole in a target @ 100 yds...don't have to use my spotting scope. Was looking at a Konus scope @ Midway, but they sold out... What's YOUR favorite??


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