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Here is a pic of my Gamo Whisper. (My urban backyard-critter-gitter) The integrated "suppressor" is (IMHO) a bit of hype, but it does make a handy handle for cocking. I changed out the spring for a gas charged upgrade. Very nice - no more spring twang or torque, but the darn thing is much more powerful now. It blew out the little blue baffles in the "suppressor". I also swapped out the trigger with one of Charlie-da-Tuna's GRT's, also very nice and well worth the $$.


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I had lost my mind a few years ago and went overboard on the airgun thing. Could have bought several nice 308's with what I spent on AG's. Well I have the 308's anyways and I also now have the AG's. I have both the Gamo Hunter Extreme and the RWS 52. The Gamo is highly modded and a bear to cock. I think the 52 has more power and is the better rifle. I have two Walther Falcon hunters in 22 and 25 caliber and am not impressed here either. On one the stock broke right at the wrist on an easy cock. One of the best values out there is the MRod in the caliber of your choice. Fairly quiet and has high power and accuracy. Like to hunt get a Sumatra very powerful and light but loud. I did manage to get a B-50 and a B-51 Bam from Big Ed in a stage two mod, one with a shroud that works excellent. These are great guns if you can find one. I know I went off track as this was about springers. I get carried away when I start talking about AG's.  :grin:


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