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Looking into a 22lr suppressor


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I started a thread in General Topics not realizing this was here.

Blame it "New to Site'..

Titled it Suppressor Ownership

Here's the last post I'd like you all to see:

Been doing some research on suppressors.

Narrowed down to a few I like.

Now I'll ask your opinions on these and suggestions on others.

It will be mounted to my Marlin 70 for right now.

Main use is 'plinking' and varmint removal.

And of course, not waking up the family as I do so.

It's final home will be either a S&W MP15-22 or a HK416D.

Leaning towards the HK..

Yet, that's another topic for later.

The Suppressors;

Spectre 2 looks rather nice and hits the top my list.

Around $350

SS build, rated for Full Auto, Multiple Caliber

Kodiak TL comes in second.

Only because it's $50 more for what seems to be the same as above.

SS Sparrow comes in third.

Believe dedicated 22LR only (not seeing if it could do mag's).

Same pricing as the Kodiak for what seems to be a mix steel/SS build.

Then it goes to Aluminum builds;

ACC Pilot2


Gemtech Outback2


All of the above look like quality builds.

All the above seem like they would do what I'm looking for.

Opinions any one?

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I owned a Gemtech Outback II.

It worked reasonably well and was lightweight but could not be disassembled for cleaing.

You had to soak it to clean it.

Wouldn't buy another because of this drawback.

Thank you for the response.

Information and experience I was hoping for.

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Thank you!

Are you familiar with both?

Sparrow admits to being a mix build

Spectre does not.

Assumption being, Spectre is, just doesn't say it.

Or, I just haven't read it yet...

Also have not read if Sparrow can handle 'mix' .22's (Hornets, Mag's, etc..)

If both are equal...

Then it comes down to cleaning.

I'll spend the extra $50 if it means some ease of cleaning!

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