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The Purple Plinkinator!


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Thought I would share this one, almost a year ago I acquired this Savage/Stevens Model 62. It was pretty rough and beat up looking, lots of scratches and dings in the stock, scratched up and even a good grind mark on the 3x9 Tasco, front sight broke off...

Over last winter, I sanded down the stock, smoothed all the molding seams, etc. It was my intent to to re-polish the stock, but I was not happy with any of my attempts. The purple had started out as a joke, wife likes Purple and kept kidding her that if I painted it purple she would have to shot it (she's not really interested in shooting)  When the polish job was not coming out...I went with the purple paint! I masked off the checkering and left that black.

  With the front sight broke, I went ahead and proclaimed it a scope only gun, drove both the front and rear sights out of the dove tails, pulled the barrel off and put it in the lathe and threaded to muzzle. The compensator is inert/fake and has no ports, for now. But I put a recess in it so that when I screwed it on it covered the front sight dovetail.

  Next was a simple sling/stud mount picatinney rail for mounting the bi-pod. I wanted to be able to use the bi-pod with my M&P, that's why I just did not use a sling stud bi-pod.

Until yesterday I had left the tasco scope on it, I stumbled across a BSA 4-16x40 Illuminated Mil-Dot reticle on craigslist for 40.00 and figured it was hard to go wrong with that....other then trying to find cheap scope rings, that failed and they cost 30.00 and dinner at Village Inn...She wasn't cookin after being drug to the LSG, Dick's and then Sportsman ware house!

  I really have little invested in this gun, but it seems to be shaping up nicely, I have only shot it a couple of times, but at 50 yards I was able to go 10 for 10 on one of my spinner targets, last time I had it out, think its like 4-5 inches in diameter spinner. Now that I am trying to learn more about scopes, tighter groups, MOA...all that kinda stuff, think I will have to shoot the Purple Plinkinator a little more often!


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