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had a couple of new toys find me...


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I really do not have a opinion or for that matter any real knowledge of the round, I know when I googled it, there was plenty of discussion about how many felt it was a lessor round compared to the 223/5.56 and questioned its use in a AR platform...but then a quick trip to You tube resulted in a couple of videos of guys having fun shooting the AK 57, and that's what I am about. Having fun shooting. The paper, spinner, gong and other assorted targets I shoot at probably really do not care what I shoot them with!

So...its something different, looks like fun, adds a new toy to the toy chest, will probably go bang when I pull the trigger and is now a new member of my growing "Family" (as asmurff calls it!)

Once I find some ammo for this thing, we will give it a whirl!

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We had an AR-5.7 in stock a while back. Very cool upper.

I think that's what I like best about it, its just different! But it is also looking like it will be a exercise in patience to come up with enough ammo for it at a reasonable price, and reading on the net, that seems to be the biggest complaint, cost and now finding ammo. there is a bunch on gun broker.  &p cents to about a buck a round.

I'll be holding out for .45-55 cent a round stuff!


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